Wanda's Story: The Gift of Seeing Your Donation in Action

Jayce's wish to be a firefighter

When her daughter started working for Make-A-Wish, Wanda fell in love with the mission. She has donated for 10 years, bringing hope and joy to children when they need it most. ​

“I donate to support the mission,” Wanda said. “Make-A-Wish is the only organization that does what they do. There are a lot of charities that give to children and do things for children, but nobody does it like Make-A-Wish.”​


Wanda loves supporting her community. When considering where to invest her dollars and time, she looks for direct impact. ​

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Trust and Impact Go Hand-in-Hand


"Make-A-Wish is ranked as one of the most trusted organizations, and that is very important to me, because if you're going to donate to something, you want to know that the resources actually are going to the purpose that it's intended. And I have seen that over and over with Make-A-Wish that they want more funds so they can give more wishes,” Wanda said.​


As Wanda hears stories about wish kids and their families, she is amazed by their resilience in the face of devastating diagnoses. “The wish seems to give them that extra boost, the extra measure of hope,” Wanda said. She encourages others to donate and become a WishMaker. ​


Wish kids are counting on you. There are so many young people waiting for a wish, and they appreciate the donors. You have to donate so you can see.


Wishes Need Your Support

Every child deserves a wish, and every wish is possible with the necessary funding. Did you know that most of the costs to grant wishes are covered by financial contributions from individual donors? Making a donation to Make-A-Wish is an important way to become a WishMaker and make more wishes come true.

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