Hunter’s Story: ‘Make-A-Wish Gave Me a Unique Purpose in Life’

Mya's wish to meet and ride a unicorn

Hunter has battled congenital heart defects his entire life. He has endured five heart surgeries – three of which were open-heart. His childhood was difficult, and he was often forced to miss out on activities with his friends. But when he was 11 years old, Hunter received a life-changing wish that ultimately was a defining moment for the rest of his life.    

Today, Hunter is the advancement associate at Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. “Make-A-Wish gave me a unique purpose in life,” Hunter said. “I had known that I had wanted to do something where I could help others. However, I wasn't sure how in the beginning and after I had had my wish … I really wanted to give that opportunity back to others.” 

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A Turning Point Toward a Career in Wish-Granting

Hunter started by volunteering with his local chapter and recruiting for Make-A-Wish on his college campus. Eventually, he became an intern and then a full-time employee at Make-A-Wish. His daily work continues to fuel his passion for helping other children going through what he went through.

It’s wishes like Mya’s that continuously renew Hunter’s belief in the power of a wish. “From the moment that Mya saw Clover, you just saw a spark in her eye and it was so inspiring and it was honestly everything that I love about this organization.”

Wish alum like ourselves, we know exactly what it's like from our firsthand experience about the impact of Make-A-Wish, and we have the capabilities of being able to give back to our other wish kids in similar situations and create those amazing moments.


Wishing It Forward

Wish alumni like Hunter make up a supportive group of wish kids and families whose wishes were granted by Make-A-Wish in the past. By “wishing it forward,” wish alumni and families can ensure the next child with a critical illness receives their wish, and the next child – because they know firsthand the true and everlasting impact of a wish-come-true.

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